That Pinterest board packed with dreamy wedding dresses has been growing at an impressive rate since your engagement (hey, who are we kidding – this has been a work in progress for way longer than that, right?!), and you’re desperate to book an appointment at one of our Ellie Sanderson studios to find your dream gown. But when exactly is the right time to shop for your wedding dress? Well, this year it might be earlier than you think…


Honestly, it’s never too early to start researching dress styles and designers, to help you get an idea of the kind of gown you imagine yourself in for your big day. When it comes to booking that appointment and actually buying your dream dress, we would always recommend around a 9-12 month lead time. It may seem like a long way in advance but everything from the fabrics and buttons, to the lining and seamstresses need to be ordered, booked in, planned and scheduled. Plus, giving yourself a good year ahead of your wedding date means you can make thoughtful decisions when it comes to finding and committing to the perfect dress. Panic decisions never end well…

Get in early to make sure you get the dress of you dreams

Get in early to make sure you get the dress of you dreams


Well, let’s put it this way – this year is like no other, so Ladies (and we can’t stress this enough) PLEASE get booked in early! Last year, in 2020, just under 450,000 brides didn’t get married due to the pandemic and the restrictions this put on wedding days. Now things are looking more certain, a huge number of those brides plan to marry next year – and the knock-on effect of that is pretty massive, especially on popular, boutique bridal studios like Ellie Sanderson. Quite frankly, 2022 is going to be insane, so please, please book an appointment asap to make sure you get the dress you love, and we can get you booked on our dressmakers’ planner straight away.


We want all of our brides to get the dress of their dreams – no compromise. The last thing we ever want to do is to disappoint you, so our message today is, quite simply, get in early! Our autumn 2021 appointments are already filling up, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Many weekends are now at full capacity, so if you can’t make mid-week appointments please don’t put it off.

Inevitably, there will come a point when we have to close our books for brides getting married during the most popular months. We wish we could, but we can’t physically see everyone, so make sure you are first on our list, so we can help you find that dress of your dreams, and help make your wedding day absolutely perfect.

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‘Cheers’ to getting organised and booking that wedding dress appointment early!


We thought you’d never ask! You can make an appointment super-quickly, just by clicking here. We’ll see you then.

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