Why a Wedding Make Up Trial is Important


On your wedding day you want to look good and feel confident. Knowing how you might look beforehand is very important. You have a dress fitting to make sure everything fits right, so having a make up trial prior to the wedding day is a necessity too.

Having a make up trial is the best way to ensure you are happy about the make up, check for any sensitivity on the skin and test the durability of the make up before the wedding day. A good time to have your make up trial is on the same day as you have your hair done. Wear a top that’s light in colour. White or ivory is best if you are wearing that colour. The colour of your clothing reflects back on to your skin and will look similar in to the wedding day in a light colour but different in a dark or coloured top. Have your trial in daylight. Make up looks better in natural light. Artificial light can cast a yellow shadow on the make up.

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At the start of the trial you will be given a consultation. Your skin should be analysed to make sure the correct type of foundation is used for your skin type. You will get the opportunity to say how much make up you want on the day and what part of your face you want to emphasise.

The make up trial is like a rehearsal of your wedding day. If it’s possible arrange it so you have your hair and make up trial on the same day as your dress fitting so you’ll know what the final look will be. Take a camera along to your trial so you can see what you look like on film. Step outside in the daylight and look in the mirror with the sun behind you.

Taking a photograph of your trial make up will give you an idea of how you will look in the wedding photographs. Try a couple of different eye looks and lip colours if you’re not happy the first time. Hold the mirror at arms length to get a better view looking too closely can make you focus on one part of the face only and not give you an overall perspective.


Post written by Joyce Connor, Brides and Beauty (www.bridesandbeauty.co.uk)


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