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Keep Out The Cold

We love a winter wedding. Cosy fires, glittering frost, long crisp evenings filled with candlelight. What could be more romantic? Sadly, they are of course, cold. There’s a lot to be said for excitement (and just a little bit of champagne) for helping you fight the cold. But we would advise you to take a look at our checklist for winter warmers to help keep out the cold for your guests, just in case!

Serve warm reception drinks.

Swap out the champagne for mulled wine, especially whilst your guests are waiting for photos.  Mulled cider or even a boozy hot chocolate are perfect for a winter wedding.

Provide blankets.

It’s generally accepted that churches are freezing even in the height of summer, so a few blankets on the pews at a winter wedding are sure to be appreciated. If you’ll be having wooden or metal chairs at any point, a cushion or insulating seat pad can keep your guests much much warmer

winter wedding bride with wool wrap

Limit outdoors time.

If there’s a bit of a walk between the ceremony and the reception venues, some heated transportation will be greatly appreciated, especially if it’s a little on the wet side. Fire pits look brilliant, but if it’s a breezy night they really aren’t substitute for a heated room.

Make the dress code clear!

Just because it’s a winter wedding, don’t assume people will dress warmly. So if they need to, then you better tell them! Maybe offer a cloak room where guests can drop of coats and change into more delicate shoes for the evening party.

Get the dancing started early.

There’s no faster way to get frozen cold than by sitting still. So break the ice at your winter wedding and make sure you get the guests up and moving as much as you can!

dancing at wedding

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If you need inspiration, definitely take a look at the gorgeous winter photo shoot we did just before Christmas! Who said glamorous couldn’t be cosy?

Were you a midwinter bride? Or will you be one this year? We’d love to hear how you kept your guests toasty-warm, let us know in the comment section below!

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